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There is officially a "hive" now

When I started this blog, my goal was to get regular people (not just the crazies like me) involved in animal enrichment. I would LOVE to see every person I know (and don't, whatever) to do what they can to better the lives of the animals around them. 

I want this to be a community of badass, dedicated, compassionate people. A hive if you will, of people who are changing what the norm of animal care looks like. 

Penny and Sally

Penny and Sally

Anyways. THIS post isn't even my brain baby, its Anns! Ann emailed me earlier this week and said something to the effect of "you post too much shit about Ellie, post something about dogs. I made my dogs a foraging game. Is it going to kill them?" JUUUUUUST kidding. Kind of. She did email me, but she emailed me telling me about what she had done with her Penny and Sally after seeing some foraging ideas for other animals here on The Buzz on Enrichment and I asked her for photos so I could share! Olfactory enrichment for your pooch! 

Here's what you need:

  • Banana
  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Knife

You can  put whatever your little heart desires in the egg carton, but bananas are awesome and my dogs can hear one crack open from across the house. This foraging activity for dogs is brilliant for introducing fido to using their nose to find goodies. 

Divvy out the banana in a few egg carton sections and decorate the back yard! 

We're still teaching your dog to use his nose so keep it simple! 


As usual, lovely people of the inter webs...please keep a close eye on everyone when delivering enrichment!