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Wrap it Up

sandy mcpadden

Thats right, you heard me. WRAP IT UP!

Your cage. Wrap up your cage. weirdo. 

parrot enrichment

We hang stuff. We put foot toys in...but there is SO much potential in the cage itself to be used as enrichment. In the wild, the environment is for the birds taking. To taste, to touch, to shit on. Those bars that keep my little "Ellie" safe when I'm not supervising her are never-changing. In the wild, cockatoos can spend 88% of their day foraging. How many hours of fun are you providing your bird? 

Lowes home improvement is my jam. They have what I need to put enrichment together, but sometimes they provide the enrichment itself! 

parrot enrichment

This is cord made from grass. Think softer than wicker but tougher than hay? 

parrot enrichment

Anywho, I bought it to string toys and to make new ones but, when I sat it down Ellie went right to work tearing it up, so I made it a toy itself. 

parrot enrichment

Im going to be honest. This took a stupid amount of time, but it is SO fun! You can leave it as is or

  • weave herbs through it.

  • attach toys to it

  • sprinkle spices on it

Its a pretty cool way to utilize all of their space to offer the a change in their environment.