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You Scratch My Back...

sandy mcpadden

When was the last time you scratched a good itch? It's like number 4 on my list of favorite sensations. You just scratched something didn't you? Yesssssssss. 

If you have horses then you probably have, are, or probably are going to experience stall rest. Stall rest blows for everyone, but I am going to venture to guess that it's WAY worse for the pony on lock down. There are some pretty simple ways to make those four walls stop closing in and Im going to show you a simple one today.

horse enrichment

It's raining in southern Arizona and I don't ride in the rain so its a perfect day for some new enrichment.  

horse enrichment

Sensory enrichment is something that a lot of us forget to offer. You can swing by here to learn more about the different types of enrichment. We can offer toys for days, but sometimes you just need a good scratch and a jolly ball isn't the man for the job.

There are scratch pads available that are marketed specifically for livestock and you can find those here, but this is another option. 

Here is what you'll need:

  • Clear car floor mat

  • Drill

horse enrichment

Put your mat bottom side (bumpy side) facing out and secure to the wall. That's it. Easy right?!

Try to attach it at rump level for optimal scratching goodness or fold it over a gate for some amazing chin rubs.

horse enrichment

Viola! A bit of relief for those on the mend. 

Alright, I am going to breath in as much of this "rainy day in the desert" smell as I can before it's gone for the year. 

horse enrichment