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About that Egg Cup

sandy mcpadden

There is an easy rule to feeding rabbits. Always have free access to hay and you can feed about an egg cup full of pellets per bun a day. That being said, lets make a festive supervised foraging toy! 

rabbit enrichment

We could get way more nitty gritty about diets here, but I am no expert on nutrition so I will leave that to your veterinarian to discuss with you. 

I am, however REALLY good at helping animals display natural behaviors so, lets do that! 

rabbit enrichment


Heres what you'll need:

  • Fillable Easter Eggs

  • Drill

  • Pellets

  • Espadrilles (Sort of Optional, but they really help get you in the Spring feel)


rabbit enrichment

Just drill a hole or two a tad larger than your pellet size in each egg, scoop some pellet in and your done. 

Easy, right?!

rabbit enrichment

I would only suggest this foraging toy be used supervised. While its great fun, novel, and allows them the exercise their bodies and minds...the plastic is flimsy and not suitable for alone time. 

No Business like Snow Business

sandy mcpadden

A story about Louie the lop. 

I recently moved to the midwest. 

I am from Arizona. 


rabbit enrichment

Im not a fan of snow. 

Louie the lop from Arizona has never experienced snow. 

I brought in some snow. 

rabbit enrichment

The original intent was to use the snow bin as a foraging activity, hence the romaine and cranberries. 

Louie, in true Louie fashion, ignored my original intent and used it as a digging box. 


Louie the lop decided today that snow in his living room is the best. 

The End. 

*If you want to know if snow is safe to play in,  here is an article on NPR speaking to a couple scientists about it.*