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Banana Pony Pops

sandy mcpadden

If you have a horse than you know about Likit toys and inserts. They have a huge variety of products that make finding one for your stabling situation and your horse pretty easy. One of their products, the Tongue Twister even supposedly has research showing it decreases cribbing. I shot them an email asking for the original data, because if the 27% decrease in cribbing is reliable, then that is badass! 

horse enrichment

Lickit has a bunch of flavors including the himalayan salt lick (which is my fave) but sometimes you just want something different. Or, maybe just I do? Whatever. Anyways, My ponies LOVE bananas and I wanted a cool treat for the AZ summer so frozen bananas was a perfect match. 

For this toy filler all you need is:

  • mold from a previously bought filler

  • bananas

  • oats and barley

  • bowl and masher

horse enrichment

It only takes a couple minutes to prepare. I used 3 bananas and a couple handfuls of oats and barley.

horse enrichment

Once its all good and mashed just scoop it into the mold. 

horse enrichment

and freeze. 

horse enrichment

I quick dunk in the water bucket loosens it up, pop it out, slip it on the toy of your choice and BAM! Pony Pop IN YO FACE! 

horse enrichment

They're messy as they melt, so if your pony isn't used to popsicles I would hang this over their feeder. 

horse enrichment

Or do what I did and just clean up after...



*Everyone has 2 cents to add about dietary needs for animals. This isn't intended to be a nutritional staple, just a treat so alter how you see fit!