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Cat Wall

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Cat Wall

sandy mcpadden

Cat towers are ugly. Cat hair collecting, carpeted pillars of eye sore. Buuutttt cats like vertical space and vertical space they shall have!

Ok, but even if cat towers are ugly, they are more than just vertical space-they offer a place to stretch, scent mark, and groom themselves too!

So, if I want to ditch my cat tower I need a place for my cats to:

  • Go up high

  • Stretch

  • Scent mark

  • Groom


Cats don’t discriminate between their furniture and mine so why does it have to look like theirs? A few sanded pieces of scrap wood out of the garage work perfect as shelves for hopping up.


Sand and condition wood to make them safe for little toe beans. I use a home made wood conditioner made from jojoba oil and beeswax. Kid and animal safe!


Grab a few Canvas frames and make your own scratching boards. Cardboard is a favorite around here.


Get your Edward Scissor Hands on.


Try some natural cord rope too!