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Guess What? Pumpkin Butt.

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Guess What? Pumpkin Butt.

sandy mcpadden

You went to a pumpkin patch this fall. I know you did. Did you grab some pumpkin love for your feathered beastie at home? 

No. No you didn't. 


Because, if you could make an awesome, simple, healthy, all natural, fully edible foraging toy. Ill give you a minute to run to the grocery store. 

All You Need Is:

  • Pumpkin
  • Greens
  • Knife
  • Drill

Clear out your pumpkin. Your parrots can eat the seeds, but for this I decided to save them for later. 

Drill some holes. 


Now, just shove all sorts of greens all up in your pumpkin. I chose kale and collard greens today because thats what was super green and on sale. I see your organic section, Safeway. 


Now hand it over. If I were cool I would have hung this, but this particular aviary is filled with rescue lovebirds from Little Lotus Rescue and Sanctuary who spent the majority of their lives in tiny toyless cages. Enrichment is a wee bit intimidating to them so making things difficult for them is only going to result in an untouched pumpkin and then what's the point? So, for these little nubbins they get a pumpkin on the floor to chit chat about for today. They went for the greens tonight and I will have their care taker update me in the AM. Over time we will offer enrichment of varying difficulty all over the aviary, but we start where they are most likely to be successful and for these guys its ground foraging.