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Filter Flowers for Days

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Filter Flowers for Days

sandy mcpadden

I have seen two groups of animal lovers who are genius when it comes to enrichment.  The "parrronts" (parrot parents) and the Bunny folk. Serious talk, the best owners of these animals could teach us all a lesson about enrichment. 

Todays 5-minute friday is for bunny owners who need something in a snap. Rabbits are incredibly busy little things and when not provided with enough stimulation, they will find their own in the form of your remote, your wire, your walls...

Here's what you'll need:

  • unbleached coffee filters
  • wooden spoon
  • sisal string
  • scissors
  • foraging goodies of you r choice. I used an herb mix and banana chips

The herb mix is beautiful with rose petals, linden leaves, dandelion leaves, and plantain leaves (who are great for aiding with digestion). 

Grab a stack of coffee filters and fold in half. Cut a hole small enough for the wooden spoon handle to push through. Separate the filters and slipping them on. 

Take your string and tie it around the base of the filters about an inch up. Start fluffing and filling. It's SO simple and a great foraging toy to knock around for special goodies. 

What did you fill your flower with today?