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Get Out of My Tree

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Get Out of My Tree

sandy mcpadden

cat enrichment

There isn't much cuter than a kitten in a Christmas tree. There also isn't anything much more frustrating to me than a kitten in my Christmas tree. Thank you, foster kitten, who has no name. 

So, whats a gal to do when her kitten is wrecking the place?

Give her something appropriate to wreck instead. I made her some cat nip infused pumpkins, but I wanted something different and more fun. 

cat enrichment

{Insert catnip infused, needle-felted gingerbread man}

He's SO easy. 

I know you still have cookie cutters all over your kitchen, and now you'll have an excuse for not putting them away. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Wool Roving (etsy has ADORABLE ethically sourced wool fiber. Your local craft store carries wool as well, just ask.

  • Needle felting needle

  • Foam

  • Cookie Cutter

  • Cat Nip

cat enrichment

Take your cookie cutter and lay it on your foam block. 

Choose a color, pull it apart a bit and place inside the cookie cutter. 

cat enrichment

The needle has a tiny barb on it that helps tangle the bitty fibers, so get all of your frustrations out and poke the little dude a million times. 

Its sort of like magic. It goes from loose fiber to a solid man. 

Once you get a layer flip the cookie cutter over, sprinkle with cat nip and put in a tad more wool. Repeat the poking. 

Keep flipping, sprinkling, adding wool, and poking until you have a solid little form. 

cat enrichment

You can even add designs. What ever you put down and poke will stay, so I added buttons.

There are fiber artists who create beautiful works of art.

I make cat toys.

cat enrichment
cat enrichment

Cat toys that encourage natural feline behaviors like using olfaction to locate prey and ripping on their prize. The fibers are also great for preventing plaque, just watch that they aren't eating the toy. 

And it keeps kittens out of my Christmas tree. 

cat enrichment