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Thinking Outside of the {litter} Box

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Thinking Outside of the {litter} Box

sandy mcpadden

You know you're getting into this whole enrichment thing when you can walk through a store and start thinking outside of the box. Excuse me, the litter box. 

Bev Burnett had a cool idea when she saw a corner litter box intended for small animals, and thought "Hey! This would be an awesome bird bath!" for her African Grey. Even better was when she decided that it would make a great foraging box. 



You know my main squeeze is Ellie. And miss Ellie, in the course of her not so nice life, has picked up some bad habits. Pun intended. She's nekkid. 

Foraging is serious business in this house for everyone, but Ellie seems to take the cake on most days. 

I try to keep her cage 17 kinds of busy, but with the recent addition of an AviTemp heat panel, I thinned her cage out to allow ample room to find a new favorite spot with a good temperature. 

That means all the fun goes to the left for now. 

DISCLAIMER. Because I am positive a keyboard warrior or two will chime in. 

The litter I use is a corn cob litter. YES, I know. There are corn cob haters. I get it. As with any enrichment given, watch your animal. This activity is a monitored activity in my house. She kicks it all about and I get more of a reaction with this substrate than any other. She picks her food out and I have seen none of the litter ingested. Other birds do other things. 

Some other substrates that are  fun to use are:

  • paper shreds
  • hay
  • paper crinkles
  • tissue paper
  • paper
  • paper
  • paper...

The moral of the story is...keep them foraging!