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Professional Organizations

Commercial and Non Profit Animal Behavior Consulting

Behavior Consulting for ZOOlogical Facilities 

Speaking with your behavioral husbandry team about the best current practices in behavior modification can prevent draining an institutions resources by advancing animal welfare practices. Help your facility decrease and eliminate stereotypic behaviors effectively, develop outreach programs and fine tune necessary husbandry behaviors using behavior modification methods based on scientifically validated methods. Sandy can give your team the resources to take targeted behaviors and break them down into manageable steps for a more successful outcome. 


Behavior COnsulting for Equestrian Facilities

Your farm houses numerous individuals with varying independent needs. Learn how to: design turnouts to prevent aggression,  encourage natural equine behaviors, slow hay consumption, decrease aggression in stalls, increase mental stimulation, decrease stereotypic behaviors in stalls, etc. 


Behavior COnsulting for ANIMAL Shelters, RESCUEs & SANCTUARies

The animals in your care come with unknown histories, at best. Not only do they require medical care for injuries/illness and physical rehabilitation, they demand mental restoration as well. Behavioral husbandry programs do not need to be extensive to be effective. Let's design a custom enrichment and behavior modification program with an individualized approach to target each animals specific needs. We can develop programs specific to the species that you house and match that with your available man power. 


Consulting on animal behavior for TELEVISION

Help your audience understand how to best care for their pets mental and physical health. The general public wants to know how to keep their pets healthy and happy and speaking about training and enrichment is an engaging topic. 


Animal behavior consulting for VETERINARY staff

Pet owners rely on their veterinarians and support staff to answer any question they have about their animals health. Equipping your staff with the knowledge to best modify common behavioral problems in household pets will benefit the owner-pet relationship. 



Do you have an audience that would like to know more about behavior modification and enrichment? I can develop a custom presentation tailored to your target demographic and their knowledge of animal behavior. With 7 years of experience speaking intimately to a handful of guests to crowds of hundreds in music halls. Let me show your attendees the fun and importance of enrichment and training. 


Dog park design

Give your urban space a dog friendly landing. Incorporating available space, canine behavior, aesthetics, and ease of care let's design a functional space for your canine loving clients to engage with their pets. 

Arizona's Animal Behavior Expert