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Stall Rest COnsulting 

Stall rest is something many equine athletes experience at some point in their career. Performance horses experiencing a drastic shift in exercise, routine, socialization can experience both psychological and physiological distress. Help prevent: colic, boredom, ulcers, stereotypic behaviors and more with a personalized stall rest program designed for your equine partner in accordance with the attending DVMs restrictions. 

Investment    $200


Stereotypic Behavior Reduction

Stall Walking, Weaving, Cribbing, and Head Bobbing are all stereotypic behaviors seen in the equine athlete. By first identifying the function of the behavior, effective and ethical behavioral plans can be established to decrease/eliminate unwanted behaviors using scientifically validated methods. The behavior modification plan evolves as the program is in place, allowing for greater results. This package includes an initial consultation as well as 4 barn visits.

Investment   $500


Equine Enrichment 101

Learn how to best stimulate your equine companion both mentally and physically. Foraging concepts, social structure, training husbandry behaviors, and more can help you improve your horses welfare. 

Investment   $100