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In-Home Behavior Modification Package

When you’re having problems in your home, the best place to address those problems where it matters most, in your home! Let’s start with an in-home consultation and talk about what your ideal future looks like with your family. I take your concerns and help create a cohesive and functional home for you and your furry and feathered loved ones. Your family will receive a custom behavior modification plan with the tools that you need to succeed. This program evolves as we progress with one-on-one training and measurable results.  This package consists of your consultation and four training sessions.

Investment $450


Distance Learning

Not in Southern Arizona? Speak face to face with a certified animal behavior consultant about concerns with your pets. Schedule a video consultation and I can help you reach your training goals from the comfort of your home.  Video consultations allow me to speak with you and help create a behavior modification program through correspondence training. This program evolves with you and your pet as you progress to allow you to find the results you want. Video consultation packages consist of two sessions.

Investment $200


Enrichment 101

Are you looking for ways to enrich the lives of your pets? We will develop a personalized enrichment program for the animals in your home. Feeding Strategies, Toys Appropriate for Supervised and Unsupervised Time, Cage Design and Location, Social Groupings, and more. 

Investment $100


Disabled Canine 

Amputations, paralysis, and age related mobility concerns. Wheelchairs are an incredible option to improve your pets quality of life but there are challenges to re-learning how to walk in a completely new way. It can be: painful, scary, and even overwhelming. Set your pet up for success as soon as you bring home their wheel chair. These sessions are done through distance learning so I can be with you to help wherever you are. This package includes five sessions that are approximately 10 minutes long so that we can be confident that your pet is on the right track for a positive life with their wheelchair. 

Investment $100



Single COnsultation

Just need to talk through some problem behaviors? Maybe you're stuck and need a fresh set of eyes. Single consultations are great for someone who just needs to hash out the details on a behavior modification program. Each session is approximately an hour. 

Investment $100